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  • Flex Mousse® Made for Racers

    Davdev takes the mousse technology to another level! FLEX MOUSSE® adapts flexible to your style of racing

  • Race Performance Engineering

    Winners ride on Davdev Flex Mousse® Made in Austria

Flex Mousse® Technology. Designed to improve your riding performance!

Adapts to your riding style - Adapts to the terrain - Boosts your performance

Winners ride on DAVDEV Flex Mousse®

Made by racers for racers.

What riders say about Flex Mousse®

I am impressed

Posted on 2 comments
I had until now no experience using mousse instead of tubes and I need to say I am really impressed how good its to ride with a mousse. I felt...

Great product

Posted on
I can only recommend this mousse. I am using the supersoft and it perfectly fits to my Mitas double green tyre.
  • Proved under extreme race conditions!

    Winners ride on DAVDEV Flex Mousse®

  • Technology meets design!

    All about racing, we give you the best weapon for your race!

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